How many times have you been shopping online, browsing through some fashion glasses and started to panic when you realized that there are so many styles to choose from? It can be hard to figure out what’s going to look good on you without a lot of trial and error. Luckily for you, there’s a sure-fire way to make sure you’re always choosing the most flattering frames.

It’s understanding your face shape. Normally we go about our lives never really thinking about what shape our face is, but taking the simple steps to figure yours out is like having a shortcut to style success.

So what exactly are the different face shapes?

The 5 Face Shapes

In order to match the perfect pair with your face, you need to know what the different face shapes are.

  • Square
  • Round
  • Heart
  • Diamond
  • Oval

Remember your face may not fall exactly into one of these categories, and that’s ok! All faces are unique which means you might have a combination of round & heart, or triangle & oval, etc…

With so many different styles of glasses to choose from, knowing roughly what your face shape is takes the guesswork out of the shopping experience.

Ok, so now you know how face shapes can help you, and you know what the different face shapes are. So how do you find out whether you’re a square, round, heart, triangle, oval, or somewhere in between?

Determining Your Face Shape

One quick and simple way to find out what shape your face is?  Trace it! Don’t worry, this doesn’t involve anything crazy, just use your bathroom mirror.

Stand in front of the mirror and using a dry erase marker, bar of soap, or even lipstick, trace around your face and take a look at your masterpiece.

Is it an oval? Square? Heart? Something in between? Boom, you just found your face shape.

Now for the fun part - checking out what frames are going to flatter your face type!


A square face shape means a strong jawline, and the length and width of your face is about the same. Sharp angles can create stunning looks, but stay away from frames with sharp or harsh angles. Instead, try round or oval glasses. Softer lines will compliment a square face shape. 

Square Face Shape: Round or Oval glasses. Check out [Frame 1] or [Frame 2]


Round faces are categorized by a wider forehead, plump cheeks and a curved chin. You wan’t to avoid round frames because they will only accentuate the roundness of your face. Contrast is key when it comes to finding your best look.

Round Face Shape: Rectangular or square frames. Try [Frame 1] or [Frame 2]


A heart-shaped face is one with a narrow chin, high cheekbones, and a wider forehead. Stay away from frames with a pronounced or accentuated brow line, as it will emphasize the width of your forehead. Instead, stick to minimalist oval or rectangular frames.

Heart Face Shape: Oval or rectangular minimalist frames: Look at [Frame 1] or [Frame 2]


Diamond face shapes are wider in the middle (cheekbone area) and narrower in the forehead and chin. Again the idea is to contrast the features, so go for glasses with a bold brow line (like a cat eye, horn-rimmed, or oval frames.

Diamond Face Shape: Cat eye, or bold browline frames. Check out [Frame 1] or [Frame 2]


Oval face shapes are longer than they are wide and evenly proportionate. They are the most versatile of shapes and many different frames styles will look great. That being said, rectangular frames and geometric shapes are going to compliment the oval face best. Experiment with different looks because you have a lot of options!

Oval Face Shape: Rectangular or angular shaped frames. Try [Frame 1] or [Frame 2]

No matter what your face shape is, looking good is all about confidence! So if you find glasses that you absolutely love and light you up, then wear ‘em with pride. As a general guideline, you want to pair frames that are the opposite of your face shape. This accentuates your features in the most flattering way. At Vicci we’ve got styles for every face, and you can always take advantage of our free shipping and returns to try before you commit to your new favorite pair.