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Thousands of women no longer have to worry about wearing outdated eyewear in public thanks to these beautiful and high quality glasses with perfect prescription…

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Sharalee Boyer

Sharalee Boyer

March 12th, 2023

When I first heard the news that I needed to wear glasses for reading and up-close activities, I thought it was no big deal…

But when I started to search for my first pair, OMG!

It was so difficult to get fashionable, quality readers with the right size and the right prescription.

I ended up settling for some drugstore glasses with a standard design that I left forgotten in a drawer because they make me feel so plain and old.

Sofia Review

And I know I’m not alone with this problem.

Every time I mention this to my friends, they seem to have the exact same experience.

And depending on how much prescription they need, not feeling confident wearing glasses could be even worse.

But FINALLY the end of that nightmare is here.

I’ve recently found the perfect solution for us:

Vicci’s Sofia Readers.

A pair of glasses so beautiful that you won’t want to take them off!

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And their timeless and classy style, UV protection and glare resistance isn’t even the best part …

The best thing is that they nailed the prescription.

Now I can stay in style and be comfortable reading at the same time!

That’s why I really went crazy when my first pair arrived at home!

Imagine being able to show off your glasses with confidence on any occasion.

Not having to worry if you can’t read a menu when you go out to dinner with someone…

Not having to worry if you want to send a text message at some gathering…

Because you’d already be using them as part of your look!

sofia customer review

It’s really a dream come true.

And that 's not all.

Here’s something really amazing about buying from this brand:

Vicci Has A Super Easy Virtual Try-On, 90-Day Guarantee And Free Shipping For The Best Online Experience Ever!

And I really appreciate that.

Look, of course when I first came across this brand on Instagram a few months ago I was skeptical.

I thought: “Hmm… buying glasses online. I don’t know”.

If I can’t find my ideal glasses in a real optical store, why should I get them online?

But just for curiosity I clicked. And then I saw why every woman is talking about them on the internet.

First, their Virtual Try-On was so easy to use that my 7 year old nephew Andrew could do it…

And it was so accurate that I could barely differentiate between the virtual glasses and the real ones I have now!

Virtual try-on try-on

That is something that I have never seen before.

And that’s not the only new thing I discovered that day…

Because after seeing the gorgeous design of the Sofia glasses and the Virtual Try-On, I was convinced. I had to buy my first pair…

But just when I was about to buy them, I read that they have an extended 90-day perfect fit guarantee.


That’s right.

They give you a 90-day period to see if the glasses are the right fit for you or you can return or exchange them free of charge.

And like the Virtual-Try On, this is something completely amazing.

For sure, I’ll probably never use that guarantee because I love these glasses so much.

But let’s face it, when a brand offers something like that, you know you can trust them.

And it made me think: “Ok, it’s stupid not to try them at least”.

So I went to the checkout right away.

And something was waiting for me there as well…

Because to complete the best online experience ever, they offer free and super fast shipping directly to your door!

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And since I was already anxious to have them in my hands, that made me even more happy.

My first pair took 3 days to arrive all the way from Florida to Denver.

Everything was really fast and easy.

Just 3 days and I was ready to show off my look with my Sofia glasses everywhere I go.

And I’m not the only one super happy with these frames and Vicci’s buying experience.

There are thousands of women raving about it too.

This is what thousands of women across the US has to say about Vicci’s Sofia Glasses


Of course, when I discovered these amazing glasses on Instagram and I saw an influencer making a great review I thought…

“Ok, if these are ‘revolutionizing eyewear’
they should cost about a fortune, right?”

But that’s the beauty of it. Because I was completely wrong.

Let me ask you… How much do YOU think it's worth?

Remember we are talking about readers that are true game changers.

A pair of glasses so stylish that you’ll want to show them off with all your looks…

That are high quality and have the right prescription, UV protection and glare resistance…

And that are delivered straight to your door in no time.

WITHOUT having to spend $50 in a cab to go and try hundreds of horrible drugstore glasses…

WITHOUT having to spend $500 on Prada glasses that are made abroad with similar materials…

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How much would THAT cost?

Around $500 like the Prada’s at least…?

Well, let me tell you that the price is going to blow your mind.

Because with these Sofia Readers, not only you don’t need to worry about the prescription, the fitting or the shipping costs…

You don’t have to break the bank either!

In fact…

These “magical glasses” cost less than a quarter of
any name-brand glasses made abroad

That’s right. The comfiest and stylish readers on the market custom made for women like us are affordable for everybody.

Their retail price is just $120!

But not only that, since they are right now on sale, they’re offering 10% OFF.

That cuts the price to only $108.

Yes! Less than a quarter of a Prada’s.

Of course that was another thing that made me think that this is a no-brainer deal when I was buying mine.

But that’s not all.

Because now, as part of the sale, I read that they are also offering 2 free gifts with your first purchase.

They give us all a Lens Cleaner & a Car Holder to take care of our beautiful new glasses.

Yes, it’s almost too good to be true… but it actually is real.

So now you can put an end to all the struggling to get quality and stylish readers to use everyday.

Because Vicci’s Sofia Readers are the ultimate fashion hack when it comes to eyewear!

But there’s one teeny tiny catch…
(Ugh, there is always one, am I right?)

Time is of the essence.

Because these Sofia Readers are currently on a limited sale, and the word is spreading out fast. As all good news does.

By the time I wrote this, these glasses with this particular design were still available.

But there were just a few in stock.

I can’t promise that would be the case by the time you read this.

So I strongly recommend checking for yourself ASAP.

Click the button below to see if you are still on time to take your looks to the next level with Vicci’s Sofia Readers.

Want to see how these glasses looks on you? Activate the camera and get started right away.

Until stock runs out:

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No hassles. No questions.

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I love these, they pair well with so many outfits and are very high quality glasses.”

 - Kimberly W.

Sofia Rx

$180 - Including Prescription lenses
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$108 $120Including lenses

4 interest-free payments of $24