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A Fashion Insider's Guide to Clever Halloween Style and Beauty

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Oct 17, 2022

A Fashion Insider's Guide to Clever Halloween Style and Beauty

Halloween is a chance to dress up in costume, decorate your home with lights and pumpkins, and snack on treats as you watch horror movies all night long. But if you're also looking for some fun makeup trends this fall season? We've got you covered! We've rounded up six different styles of cat-eye sunglasses so you can master the look without having any trouble finding them online or at a retail store near you.

Mastering the cat's eye? Try some retro cat-eye sunglasses.

Cat eye sunglasses are a popular Halloween look that's also one of the simplest to pull off.

First and foremost, a cat-eye frame is an exaggerated version of your regular lens shape, with two triangles forming an upside-down “V” on each side replacing the bridge and temple pieces. These shapes can be made with any style or brand, but if you want something classic yet modern enough to feel current this year, we recommend The Viola's Soft Cat-Eye from Vicci Eyewear ($75). Cat eyes aren't just for women; men have their version as well! Pair your favorite sunglasses with these adorable cat-eye sunglasses from Vicci Eyewear.

Wearing a cat mask? Try these clear cat-eye glasses.

If you want to wear a cat mask, but don't want to look like an actual feline, try wearing clear cat-eye sunglasses. They're not only practical, they can also add some eye-catching flair to your look.

As far as Halloween costumes go, this is one of the best ways to dress up without committing yourself entirely too much time and effort to creating something that might end up being worth less than what you paid for it.

Want to look like an Egyptian goddess? We're all about this metal frame option.

Look no further if you want to look like an Egyptian goddess with a cat eye frame. This metal frame option is perfect for adding glitz to any outfit. The cat eye shape is fashionable and flattering, and the metal frame draws attention to you. This frame is also available in a variety of colors, so you can match it to your outfit. Don't pass up this cat eye frame if you want to turn heads and make a statement.

Want to get in on the cat theme? These bold and dramatic sunglasses are for you.

They're an excellent way to participate in the Egyptian goddess craze, and they'll make you look like an Egyptian goddess—or, at the very least, like you've been bitten by a cat. These sunglasses are available with black, gold, or silver lenses (clear lenses are also available).

If you'd like some help finding a frame that works with your face shape and coloring, we have some options here at Vicci Eyewear!

This Halloween, go all out with your makeup and dress up your eyes too!

Makeup lets you express yourself while transitioning from casual to glamorous looks. If you've always wanted the look of a winged liner but lack the time or skills (or don't mind looking like a drag queen), cat eyeliner is a great substitute!

Begin by applying your favorite liquid eyeliner to ensure that everything is in place. Draw a thin line along the top and bottom lashes of each eye, creating an exaggerated wing shape without going too far into the inner corner. Finally, apply mascara to the outside edge of each lash to make it stand out even more!


If you're looking for a new trick, or just some fun and cute Halloween makeup ideas, then this is the post for you. We've got plenty of great options to help you choose. You don't need to spend too much money on these trends either -- all we're asking is that you keep an open mind about what's trending in fashion!