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A Spotlight on Italian Influence in Eyewear Fashion

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Jun 12, 2023

A Spotlight on Italian Influence in Eyewear Fashion

From the runways of Milan to the chic boutiques of Rome, Italy has long been at the forefront of global fashion trends. This influence extends into eyewear, where Italian design principles have shaped styles and trends for decades. Let's explore the Italian influence on eyewear fashion and why it matters to your look.

The Legacy of Italian Fashion

Italian fashion is renowned for its quality craftsmanship, innovative design, and close attention to detail. The same principles are applied to Italian eyewear. From luxury brands to small artisans, Italian designers create pieces that combine function and aesthetics to elevate any outfit.

Italian Influence in Eyewear Design

Italian eyewear design is characterized by a blend of timeless elegance and daring innovation. Some features of Italian eyewear include:

  1. Quality Materials: Italian designers often use high-quality materials for their frames, like acetate, known for its rich color, durability, and comfort.
  2. Innovative Styles: From bold, oversized frames to sleek, minimalist designs, Italian eyewear offers a diverse range of styles to cater to various personal aesthetics.
  3. Artisanal Craftsmanship: Many Italian eyewear brands still rely on traditional artisanal techniques, resulting in exceptional quality and unique, handmade designs.

Vicci Eyewear: An Ode to Italian Design

At Vicci Eyewear, we're deeply inspired by the rich traditions of Italian design and culture. Each of our eyewear pieces is given an Italian name, symbolizing the essence and allure of this incredible country. For instance, our 'Benedetta' frames epitomize Italian elegance, combining timeless style with a contemporary twist, bringing a touch of la dolce vita to your everyday look.

The Impact on Your Look

Incorporating Italian-inspired eyewear into your wardrobe is an effortless way to add a touch of sophistication to your look. Remember, your glasses are not just a tool for better vision – they are a fashion statement that reflects your personality.

Whether you're drawn to the vintage allure of cat-eye frames or the contemporary appeal of minimalist designs, there's an Italian-inspired pair of glasses waiting to elevate your style.

Embrace the Italian influence in your eyewear and let your personal style shine through. Remember, eyewear fashion is more than just following trends – it's about expressing who you are. Stay tuned for more articles on the fascinating world of eyewear fashion!

Is there a woman who doesn’t like to look good at all times?

Is there a woman who doesn’t like to look good at all times?

Age can’t and shouldn’t stop you from feeling confident every day.

The whole idea behind Vicci™ Eyewear is providing you with beautiful and quality eyewear that you’d be proud to wear at all times.

Vicci™ Eyewear offers a wide selection of eyewear so you can easily choose the perfect pair of glasses that complements your features and easily matches your makeup to complete your look.

A Mama's Boy's Love for His Mother

Vicci™ Eyewear was inspired by a son’s love for his mother and his passion for fashion.

David Abramovici, the Founder of Vicci™ Eyewear, came from a family of artisans dedicated to craftsmanship since the 1920s.

David recalls that when his mother was around 65 years old, she would always ask him to stop by the local pharmacy to pick up some generic readers.

He would spend at least 20 minutes every time he went there, just standing in front of a rack full of tacky, ugly readers. It was difficult for him to choose a "nice" design that he thought would look good on his mother.

His mother enjoyed attending events and spending money on her dresses and accessories. Unfortunately, the readers are often underwhelming, and she was embarrassed to ever be seen wearing them. Like most women, she'd usually hide it in her lovely purse and would always look around before using them to read the menu or bill.

David wondered why there weren’t more choices for high-quality and fashionable custom readers for older women like his mother. Something she’d actually love to wear and be proud to be seen wearing.

And that’s when it hit him!



Want to see how you look in this frame?




Want to see how you look in this frame?




Want to see how you look in this frame?


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"My new glasses are blue light treated with a progressive premium lens. My glasses have been a definite fashion statement and I will suggest Vicci Eyewear to everyone. Thank you Vicci !"

- Patricia M.

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