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Do Not Miss To Check How Blue Light Affects Your Sleep?

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May 17, 2022

Blue light blocking glasses

Today everyone wants to know how blue light affects your sleep? Well, there are some of the hidden ways in which blue light exposure keeps on going without actually noticing by you. So, today we are going to uncover all those ways. But wait!! Before directly going to the point, let's check key details about the blue light and how you can prevent it. But first, answer the below question: 

Hi! Are you the same person who uses a computer or smartphone just after going into bed? 

Yes, you might be!!

In fact, according to the Sleep in America study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation in 2011, 90% of Americans admit to using an electronic device in their bedroom within an hour of attempting to go asleep.

Strange!! It would be. 

Unfortunately, the displays on these gadgets generate blue light, which disrupts our sleep patterns. Reduced exposure to light in the evening, particularly blue light, is a key step in helping your body prepare for sleep naturally. 

But what if you are a working person who has to perform their duties in the evening using the gadget!! Then the solution is to buy Blue Light Blocking Glasses Online!! Yes, it is possible to block the blue light with the glasses. 

Before any further discussion let's know some details about blue light first. 

What exactly is blue light, and how blue light affects your sleep? 

Not all shades of the light spectrum are created equal when it comes to sleep. During the day, white and blue lights help to improve attention, mood, and alertness. 

The sun, digital screens, and electronic gadgets (LCD TVs, movies, cellphones, tablets, laptops, computer monitors, gaming devices, and so on), as well as fluorescent and LED lights, are all potential sources. 

Have you ever felt a burst of energy after waking up to a bright, sunny morning? Sunshine, thank you for the burst of natural energy! 

So, how blue light affects your sleep? Well, blue light decreases the release of melatonin, a hormone that induces sleepiness at night. Using backlit gadgets or being exposed to strong lights (particularly LEDs and fluorescent lamps) might disrupt sleep. 

If you utilize the electronic babysitter late in the day (no judgment!), your child may have problems going to sleep, lower sleep quality, and a disturbed circadian rhythm. The inherent biological clock is thrown off by evening blue light exposure. 

How to prevent your eyes from blue light? 

Before answering the question, let me divide it into two parts: 

  • How to prevent your eyes from blue light if I am not a working person? 
  • How to prevent your eyes from blue light if I am a working person? 

Now, let's get an answer to each question!

  • How to prevent your eyes from blue light if I am not a working person? 

Make it a habit: 

Set an alarm for 2 to 3 hours before night to remind you to switch off technology. 

Learn how to lower the lights: 

Check to see whether your electronic gadgets have the ability to adjust the brightness or if they have a "night mode" that reduces the production of blue light. 

Consider using the following app: 

If you need to use electronics before night, various smartphone and computer apps can help you to limit blue light emissions. 

  • How to prevent your eyes from blue light if I am a working person? 

Consider investing in a lamp: 

This can consider if you want to work on your PC. These lamps do not generate blue light. Red or orange lamps, as well as natural illumination such as candles, work nicely. 

Buy blue light blocking glasses online 

If you're gazing at a screen after the sun goes down, using blue light glasses might help your body acquire the correct signals for sleep. 

Let’s sum up! 

This is all about how blue light affects your sleep? And how to prevent it? 

Using the recommendations above, you can turn your entire house into a pleasant sleep cave, boost melatonin production, and help everyone's bodies prepare for sleep. You'll all sleep better and wake up feeling more energized. 

Have A Good Sleep To Get Lost In Your Dreams