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How Sunglasses Help Reduce Signs of Aging

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Mar 14, 2022

How Sunglasses Help Reduce Signs of Aging

Nobody likes growing old, but unfortunately, it is inevitable. The best thing you can do is try and slow down the process with healthy habits – you know, the basics: eat right, sleep well, workout and stay hydrated. But what if we told you that another way to keep yourself looking young is to put on a pair of shades?

Ok, ok, before you roll your eyes, just hear us out. After we’re through you’ll be clicking away to find sunglasses online stores

Not So Sunny After All 

Apart from making you look stylish, sunglasses play a vital role in keeping your eyes safe from the harmful UV rays of the sun, we all know this. But what most people are not aware of is that, as a part of this protection, it covers the skin around the eyes from wrinkling due to sun damage as well. Hence, delaying aging. 

The sun is a concern when it comes to wrinkles. The sunlight, coupled with the skin around the eyes being so thin makes the area easily susceptible to lines. This gives way to signs of premature aging, which no one wants.  

When you step outside without shades, you are left squinting and straining your eyes. This further intensifies the wrinkles around your eyes, along with deepening your crow’s feet. Also, the more you squint, your eyebrows furrow, leading to more lines and wrinkles on your forehead, making you look older than your age – yikes!  

Another sign of aging, PTOSIS, which is a slackness of skin around the eyes making the eyes droopy, is worsened by UV exposure. Despite being life-giving to all things bright and beautiful, the sun can be a real downer for the skin in terms of aging – you’ve been warned, so the time to take action would be now.  

And if you think you are safe on cloudy winter days, you are mistaken. You are always subjected to UV exposure when you go outdoors. So, no matter what the season or weather conditions, wear your sunglasses when you step out.   

See, aren’t you glad that you read ahead? 

The ‘Shady’ Truth

Now how do sunglasses help reduce these signs of aging? Well for starters, they prevent you from squinting, which is already a plus to preventing wrinkles and lines. They protect the fragile skin around the eyes (especially the large framed ones) from UV exposure, which in turn protects the skin from wrinkling and forming crow’s feet.  

To reap the best benefits from sunglasses for anti-aging protection, go for ones that have 100% UV protection. Also, opt for a wraparound style. They offer more protection to the peripheral sides of the eyes and the skin around the eyes by covering up the sides of the sunglasses with curved frames and lenses. Try to keep them on the larger side as well to cover more areas of skin.  

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to throw in some sunscreen as well to protect the rest of your face and body from UV rays.  

So, there you have it, folks, next time you’re heading out, don’t forget your trusty shades. Go ahead and buy them soon at sunglasses online stores.