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How to Pick the Right Glasses for Your Face Shape

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Mar 25, 2022

How to Pick the Right Glasses for Your Face Shape

When on the prowl for new frames an important factor to keep in mind is to pick the right glasses that’ll look the best with the shape of your face when you want to purchase eyeglasses online. This might seem like a daunting task, but we’re here to help save the day!

The Face-Off

In the competition of face types which one takes the cake when it comes to your face? Not sure? Well, you’re not alone, not many people know what their face shape is, so let’s first start there. 

Note: For those who already know their face shape, you can skip ahead.

Now, the different kinds of face shapes are: 

Oval- balanced proportions all over the face.

Heart-shaped- wide at the forehead with a narrow chin and high cheekbones.

Oblong- longer in shape rather than wide with a long straight cheek line.

Square- the width and length of the face have the same proportions along with a strong jaw and broad forehead.

Diamond- narrow at the forehead and jawline, with broad dramatic cheekbones.

Round- curved lines with the same width and length all over the face, with no angles.

Base-down Triangle- a narrow forehead that widens at the cheek and the chin. 

After scanning through Google images for examples and carefully analyzing your face in the mirror, you can identify your face shape and then move ahead to our suggestions. 

Bonus tip: Almost nobody fits into a perfect face shape, most faces are a combination of different face types. When going through Goggle images find a face shape that comes closest to resembling yours instead of laboriously trying to find that one perfect face shape.

Ok, moving on…

A Frame for Every Face 

Let’s dive right into what frames go best with different face shapes. If you have an oval face shape, you are one of the lucky ones because the long-rounded face shape allows you to pull off almost any style. But if you have to pick one, your best bet would be to go for oversized and wide frames and steer clear from narrow frames with heavy design elements. 

For the heart-shaped face, stay away from the bottom heave and oversized frames with tons of designs on them and instead opt for round and oval-shaped glasses that are thin and have light coloring. A rimless style would complement this face type.

With the oblong face type, you can get lucky as it allows you to choose from more options. You can try cat-eye glasses, square glasses, or even oval glasses with bold, thick and colorful frames. You can also select glasses that have decorative temples. 

Square-shaped faces also have an advantage when it comes to choosing glasses because this face type can support most frames. But to draw focus to the finest features of this face type, your best bets are dark, rounded glasses rather than angular ones. Going with rimless glasses and semi-rimless glasses is a good place to start.

The rarest face type – diamond, looks the best when paired with rimless, oval frames with a strong brow line. Round face types, on the other hand go well with angular frames, which have a little width to give an illusion of a lengthened face. Full-rim and semi-rim frames are good options to go for. Lastly, triangle face shapes work well with wide frames, preferably heavily highlighted with color and decorative details on the top to add width to a narrow forehead. 

So, there you have it, folks! But keep in mind this is just a guide, it’s not set in stone it can be altered. Who says you have to follow the instructions? Choose whatever frame you like and set your own style rules! Now that you have the lowdown on the facts you can purchase eyeglasses online.