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Progressive Lenses: What Your Eye Doctor Wishes You Knew

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Jun 20, 2024

Progressive Lenses: What Your Eye Doctor Wishes You Knew

Has your eye doctor been hinting (or maybe even insisting) that it's time to switch to progressive lenses?  Don't let the unfamiliar name scare you away. Progressives are the modern solution for effortless vision at any age.

We're here to demystify progressive lenses and reveal the top things your eye doctor wishes you knew about this vision-enhancing eyewear option.  From debunking common myths to unlocking hidden benefits, get ready to discover why progressives might be the perfect fit for your lifestyle.


Understanding Progressive Lenses: The Basics

What are progressive lenses? Think of them like a visual multi-tasker. Unlike single-vision lenses (which correct either near or distance vision), progressives offer a smooth transition between multiple prescription strengths. This means you can see clearly at all distances –  up close, mid-range, and far away –  without the need for multiple pairs of glasses.

How do they work? 

The magic lies in the lens design. Progressives feature a gradual change in prescription power from the top to the bottom, allowing for seamless focusing at different distances.

Who are they for?  

While most commonly recommended for people over 40 experiencing presbyopia (age-related farsightedness), progressive lenses can benefit anyone with multiple vision needs, even younger adults.

4 Myths About Progressive Lenses

Myth 1: Progressives are only for older people. 

Not true! Anyone who needs multiple prescriptions can benefit, even those in their 20s or 30s.

Myth 2: They take forever to get used to. 

With modern lens designs and proper fitting, most people adapt quickly and easily.

Myth 3: They're uncomfortable and cause dizziness. 

While some initial adjustments are normal, modern progressives are designed for comfort and to minimize distortion.

Myth 4: Progressive lenses are not stylish. 

Quite the opposite! Progressive lenses are available in a wide range of stylish frames to complement any look.

The Benefits of Progressive Lenses

Why are eye doctors so enthusiastic about progressives? 

Clear vision at ALL distances

No more fumbling for different glasses or struggling to see.

Ultimate convenience

One pair for everything – reading, computer work, driving, and more.

No visible lines

Unlike bifocals, progressives have a seamless, modern look.

Reduced eye strain

Less fatigue from switching between glasses and refocusing.

Improved safety

Sharper vision for daily tasks and activities.

Adjusting to Your New Progressive Lenses


Wear them consistently

The more you wear them, the faster you'll adapt.

Use your head, not just your eyes

Turn your head, not just your eyes, to focus on objects at different distances.

Don't give up too soon! 

It might take a few days to fully adjust.

Talk to your eye doctor

They can offer personalized advice and make any necessary adjustments.

If you’re adjusting to your new eyeglasses and want to learn what to expect and how to adjust properly, read our comprehensive guide.


Don't let an outdated prescription or vision problems hold you back. Progressive lenses can open up a world of clarity and convenience.  Schedule an eye exam, get your prescription updated, and explore Vicci Eyewear's stylish collection of progressive-friendly frames.

Is there a woman who doesn’t like to look good at all times?

Is there a woman who doesn’t like to look good at all times?

Age can’t and shouldn’t stop you from feeling confident every day.

The whole idea behind Vicci™ Eyewear is providing you with beautiful and quality eyewear that you’d be proud to wear at all times.

Vicci™ Eyewear offers a wide selection of eyewear so you can easily choose the perfect pair of glasses that complements your features and easily matches your makeup to complete your look.

A Mama's Boy's Love for His Mother

Vicci™ Eyewear was inspired by a son’s love for his mother and his passion for fashion.

David Abramovici, the Founder of Vicci™ Eyewear, came from a family of artisans dedicated to craftsmanship since the 1920s.

David recalls that when his mother was around 65 years old, she would always ask him to stop by the local pharmacy to pick up some generic readers.

He would spend at least 20 minutes every time he went there, just standing in front of a rack full of tacky, ugly readers. It was difficult for him to choose a "nice" design that he thought would look good on his mother.

His mother enjoyed attending events and spending money on her dresses and accessories. Unfortunately, the readers are often underwhelming, and she was embarrassed to ever be seen wearing them. Like most women, she'd usually hide it in her lovely purse and would always look around before using them to read the menu or bill.

David wondered why there weren’t more choices for high-quality and fashionable custom readers for older women like his mother. Something she’d actually love to wear and be proud to be seen wearing.

And that’s when it hit him!



Want to see how you look in this frame?




Want to see how you look in this frame?




Want to see how you look in this frame?


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