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The Best Face Shapes for Cat Eyeglasses

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Apr 29, 2022

The Best Face Shapes for Cat Eyeglasses

Cat eye, optical glasses are stylish, edgy, and totally on trend right now. They can also help you look up to 5 years younger with the right face shape! Cat eye glasses will only suit certain face shapes, so it’s important to know what works before you make your purchase. I’ve put together a quick reference guide with the best face shapes for cat eyeglasses.

Whether you have an oval, round, heart, or diamond shaped face, this article will help you choose the perfect pair of cat eye glasses that flatter your features and look great!

What is cat eyeglasses/frame:

Cat eyeglasses are a unique and stylish way to show off your personal style. Cat eye optics are suitable for most face shapes as it draws attention to your eyes and face while also creating width around your cheeks.

They’re named after their signature cat eye shape, which features thick, curved frames that resemble cat ears. The cat-eye shape originated in the 1950s Hollywood, when movie stars such as Audrey Hepburn began wearing them.

Square and Heart-Shaped Faces:

Square faces tend to be wider and more angular, with a stronger bone structure. With heart shaped faces, your chin may be smaller than your forehead. This is also known as a full-faced appearance. Both of these face shapes work well with cat eye optical glass frames because they can soften sharp angles and draw attention up towards your eyes.

Triangle, Round, and Oval shaped faces:

Round, oval and triangle-shaped faces are more suited to cat eyeglasses. Cat-eye optics will soften facial features on these face shapes. Oval shaped faces have chins and full lips, cat eye optical glasses will bring attention to your eyes as well as making it appear that you have narrower eyes due to darker outer corners.

The key with round shaped faces is to make them appear less round by elongating them in a downward angle from temple to chin. Cat eye, optical glasses do just that! Triangle-shaped faces look great in many styles of optical frames but tend to look best in smaller frames.

Rectangle shaped faces:

If you have a rectangle shaped face, long oval frames will look great. Your cheekbones are already prominent, so avoid looking as if you’re wearing oversized sunglasses. Instead of trying to balance out your face, go for bolder frames and stand out! Many men wear square or rectangular cat eye optics because they make their jawline appear stronger.

Long narrow, faces:

If you have a long, narrow face, it's best to go with frames that feature some width. A great way to figure out what style will work is to check out celebrities who are also blessed with a narrow face.

One example: Jessica Alba has a long and narrow face, and she wears rimless frames because they add some visual balance by increasing her face's width.

If you have a long, narrow face like Jessica Alba, look for cat eyeglasses that are going to be wider than your face is long.


Knowing which face shape is best suited to cat eyeglasses will help you shop for them with confidence and make sure you end up with a great pair of glasses. Whether you’re looking at sunglasses or prescription frames, keep these tips in mind to get glasses that fit your face perfectly.

The most important thing when shopping for cat eyeglasses is to try on different pairs. You may find one brand fits better than another or one style works better than another, so trying on several options from different brands can be helpful.