Blue light is all around us. The screens we use - including our phones, laptops, and TVs - all emit blue light. Prolonged exposure to blue light can have a number of negative effects on us, and the fact that as Americans we spend upwards of 10 hours every day looking at screens is concerning.

The good news is, blue light blocking glasses can help reduce the harmful effects of too much blue light exposure.

• Better Quality Sleep

Our bodies are tuned into the natural movements of sun and daylight to help generate wakefulness, keep us alert in the daytime, and switch us off when it's time for bed. Blue light occurs naturally from the sun and tells our bodies when to stay awake.

After dusk, this lack of blue light allows our bodies to produce melatonin as it sees fit and prepares us beautifully for a solid night's rest. By using digital devices at night, as we confuse our bodies and throw its circadian rhythm completely out of order.

Blue light blocking glasses combat the adverse effects of screen time on sleep by filtering blue light out of our vision. This way, we can still use our screens while still supporting our body’s natural melatonin levels and preparing for restful sleep.

• Minimizes Eye Strain

With so many of us working from home, we experience eye strain when we are working and when we are relaxing.  Symptoms of eye strain include irritated, dry eyes and blurred vision. These are usually temporary but prolonged exposure could lead to more serious damage.

The good news is blue light lenses have filters that significantly reduce the amount of blue light that gets absorbed by our eyes. Vicci offers prescription and non-prescription blue light lenses, so you can add them to your existing corrective glasses, reading glasses, or just as standalone blockers. By minimizing eye strain, your concentration and vision remain heightened throughout the day, and you protect your eyes from permanent damage.

• Reduced Chance of Macular Degeneration

The macula is a part of our eye, and the retina plays a critical role in allowing us to see – when we damage our retina, we damage our vision.

There are studies pointing to overexposure of blue light as a cause for macular degeneration and damaged retinas. Macular degeneration was previously attributed to aging, but we're now seeing it prevalent in younger people. Wearing blue light blocking glasses means that your blue light intake drops substantially on any screen you view. With minimized blue light exposure comes a reduced risk of macular degeneration and healthier eyes.

• Increased Mental Health

Sleep patterns are a major influence on mental health, and poor sleep quality and insufficient duration can be detrimental. As mentioned earlier, excessive blue light intake disrupts our circadian rhythm and our sleep-wake cycle, making it harder to fall asleep and get the deep, restful sleep when we do. As a consequence of poor sleep, we risk triggering mild depression and anxiety, which can get worse over time.

The circadian rhythm is also responsible for regulating emotions. When our natural rhythms are confused we tend to have less control over our emotional state.  Blue light glasses help our brains function at their best and our moods stay positive.

• Guard Your Vision in Style

Vicci offers blue light glasses in a range of stylish frames, so when it comes to protecting your eyes from blue light, you don’t have to sacrifice style.