5 Eye-Opening Reasons to Choose Progressive - Readers!

Say Goodbye to Granny’s Bifocals!

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#1 They are the Multi-tasker’s dream.

With Progressive Readers, you can seamlessly transition between different activities without the hassle of constantly taking them On and OFF.

From reading to working on your computer to enjoying outdoor activities, our all-day wear readers provide maximum convenience and clarity for your busy lifestyle.

#2 A fashion-forward solution.

Who says convenience can't be stylish? With Progressive Readers, you get the best of both worlds - trendy frames and lens options that allow you to customize your look, all while enjoying the convenience of all-day wear.

Look your best and feel your best with our fashionable eyewear.

#3 The perfect choice for an active lifestyle.

Whether you're running errands, exercising, or enjoying outdoor activities, our all-day wear readers are the perfect solution for your active lifestyle.

With no need to constantly take them On and OFF, you can focus on what you love doing most - all while enjoying clear vision and maximum convenience.

#4 They are the perfect travel companion.

Tired of losing your glasses while traveling? With Progressive Readers, you can leave all the hassle behind.

Our one pair, all-day wear glasses provide the ultimate convenience and clarity for your travel needs. From sightseeing to reading by the pool, our glasses have got you covered.

#5 The solution to age-related Vision changes

As we age, our vision can change and require readers for different tasks. With Progressive Readers, you can enjoy clear vision for reading without the need to take them On and OFF.

Say goodbye to the frustration of looking for your readers and hello to maximum clarity with our innovative lens technology.

+18,678 Trusted Customer Reviews

Say Goodbye to Granny’s Bifocals!

Change your life now with All-Day Readers

  • Durable Italian Acetate Material that will last you for years
  • Luxurious Comfort thanks to New 5-Barrel Hinge technology
  • Premium Ultra-durable Polycarbonate Lenses
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