Eleganza Italiana: Chronicles of Love and Beauty

Released on February 15, 2024 at 11am EST. SHOP NOW

Close your eyes and take a moment to wander the vibrant streets of Rome. Imagine the warm Italian sun, the historic architecture, and the effortless elegance of the people. That's the inspiration behind our new limited-edition collection, Amore.

Amore captures the essence of Roman style – a perfect blend of timeless design and contemporary flair. The collection features two luxurious styles, each crafted with the finest materials and a touch of Italian passion.

The Roma is a modern take on the classic cat-eye frame. Its oval silhouette flatters a variety of face shapes, while the upswept edges add a touch of sophistication. Choose from Quartz Tortoise for a look that's both unique and undeniably chic, or classic Onyx Black for timeless elegance.

The Leila exudes confidence and drama. This sleek rectangular frame with a subtle cat-eye edge is perfect for those who want to make a statement. Midnight Black is bold and powerful, while Marble Gray offers a touch of cool sophistication.

The Amore Collection is a true collector's item. Each frame is meticulously crafted and designed to become a treasured part of your eyewear wardrobe. And because every day deserves a touch of la dolce vita, all the frames in The Amore Collection are also available as sunglasses.

Amore is more than just a collection of eyewear; it's an invitation to embrace your inner Italian spirit. It's about confidence, style, and a touch of the unexpected.

Are you ready to experience la dolce vita?

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