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Finally, fashionable high quality readers you can wear all day long!


1 Progressive Reader for All Day Use

90 DaySatisfaction Guarantee With Free Returns

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90 DaySatisfaction Guarantee With Free Returns

Tired of the ON-and-OFF game with your Reading Glasses?

Not Looks good

We want to LOOK GOOD  and feel confident everyday, but sometimes, our UGLY READERS GET IN THE WAY.

If you are struggling with any of these:

  • Always misplacing your readers due to constant ON and OFF, ON and OFF, and (never ending) ON and OFF of the frames
  • Can’t pluck your eyebrows or put on your lashes by yourself
  • Using multiple tacky over the counter readers that are made from cheap plastic materials and therefore easily break
  • Not being able to multi-task comfortably as the lenses are distorted and vision is disrupted
  • Embarrassed of your out-of-fashion ugly reader and want to wear a high quality, fashion-forward frame all day long as a statement piece

It will help you:

  • Never misplace your lovely frames ever again by constantly wearing them all the time
  • Have durable glasses that don't easily break as it's handmade from the best-in-class materials
  • Multi-task effortlessly among reading, working on your computer, and glancing at a distance by achieving continuous vision through advanced progressive seamless lens technology
  • Make a fashion statement and get noticed without sacrificing visual clarity

Readers looks good

Step 1

Use our virtual try-on to find the perfect quality Vicci frame

Step 2

Pick by clicking the Reader category then choose Progressive-Reader option

Step 3

Add the blue light protection for digital devices

Step 4

Claim 20% OFF + Free Makeup Reader

You can take your Vicci™ Makeup Readers with you

90 DaySatisfaction Guarantee With Free Returns

Vicci Makeup Readers

Uniquely designed to help you see every detail of your eye area. Now you can flawlessly, easily, and quickly apply eye makeup everyday!


Get even eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara

eyeShadow makeup

Easily pluck eyebrows and apply lashes

eyeShadow makeup second

Faster application of full eye makeup

90 DaySatisfaction Guarantee With Free Returns

Real Women. Real, Beautiful Results.

Love my Vicci Progressives with Oliva Frame. I didn't have to leave my house, I could try the frames on from the Vicci website with their 3D try on effect.

- Tracey T

“Superior readers! Best readers I’ve ever had! The quality of the lenses is superior to drugstore versions.

- Dawn B.

I got a pair of prescription blue light readers last year and they were the only ones that provided me with the clarity and distortion free vision that I need....until now!

- Denise S.



How do I use the product?

Simply wear it like your readers and do your eye makeup on one side.

Flip the lens to the other eye to do the rest of your look.

How do I choose the lens power?

Choose the lens power according to your prescription. We have 6 lens power ranging from +1.00 - +3.50. 

How long can I use the makeup reader?

Your Vicci™ Makeup Readers are Made From Durable & High Quality Materials. So Use It Until You Lose It! 😉

When can I expect my order?

We offer FREE shipping on all orders within the USA.

Orders typically take 3-5 business days to be delivered.

What if I don’t like the product?

If you don't like your Vicci makeup readers for any reason or don't think the product is working for you, you can send it back to us for a full refund within 30 days of delivery! No questions asked!

Don’t Like It? Get a Refund!

If you don't like Vicci™ makeup readers for any reason, send it back within 0 Days for a refund, no questions asked!