The blue-violet type of blue light from digital screens such as tablets and e-readers can cause eye strain, sleep disorders, and headaches. Due to our overexposure to this blue light from staying connected, it's becoming increasingly important to protect your eyes and vision.

One solution: blue light blocking lenses. Below we'll investigate how blue light lenses filter blue light out of your vision and why they're important in reading glasses.

How do Blue-Light Blocking Lenses Work?

Blue light blocking lenses have filters that absorb and block the blue-violet part of the blue light from passing through to your eyes. They can be added to most types of prescription glasses such as single-vision and readers.

Why To Add Blue Light Blocking Lenses to Your Reading Glasses

On average, most people start needing reading glasses between the ages of 40-45. It’s quite common to need some additional magnification when it comes to reading the fine print on our smartphones and tablets. However, unlike reading a paper book, we also have to contend with the harmful effects of blue light.

Reduce Eye Strain and Vision Damage

As well as the brightness causing eye strain, blue light is linked to blurry vision, dry eyes, macular degeneration, and cataracts. Macular degeneration is a disease that damages the retinas, and there's evidence to suggest that, depending on exposure time, vision changes can be permanent. 

Sleep Better and Protect Your Mental Health

Physically, exposure to blue is likely to cause sleep issues, particularly when reading from a screen at night. Our intake of blue light can throw our circadian rhythm cycle out of sync and signal the presence of daylight to our brain when we should be unwinding before sleep. Our circadian rhythm and sleep patterns significantly influence our mental health, too, and impact our ability to regulate emotions.

Blue light blocking lenses filter the blue wavelength of the light spectrum out of the light emitted from screens. When you add them to your reading glasses, you keep all the corrective benefits of glasses while adding blue light protection that helps your body work as it's supposed to and reduces the risk of permanent vision damage.

Add Blue Light Blocking Lenses to Reading Glasses

If you wear glasses regularly, it's important to protect your vision from blue light to reduce the need for further correction. Reading from screens is a lot like reading from traditional paper, except all the various fonts and images can cause even more straining for your eyes.

Luckily, Vicci Eyewear makes it easy for you to add blue light blocking lenses to your reading glasses. We think it’s important to protect your vision and to look good while doing it.