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3 Benefits of Progressive Readers Over Bifocals

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Jan 06, 2023

3 Benefits of Progressive Readers Over Bifocals

Our eyes, unfortunately, worsen as we age. Poor eyesight hampers us from peacefully and skillfully doing our daily chores or favorite hobbies. If you often do activities up close, you might need reading glasses to see things clearly. The best option for you is to wear progressive readers which provide a seamless transition between near and far distances.

What are the differences between bifocals and progressive readers, you ask? Here are some of its benefits in comparison to bifocal readers. You can use these as a basis for when you decide to finally get your new readers. Read on to know more!

1. Wear Progressive Readers All-day Long

What really sets progressive readers apart from bifocal readers is its uninterrupted line of vision. It does not have visible lines or dividing segments that splits multiple distances. Due to this, it offers a seamless transition between far and near distances – you do not need to switch between your readers to see clearly all the time!

In addition to that, it allows a continuous progression of increasing magnification without any hassle. You can instantly shift your eye’s focus from near to far or vice versa. Really helpful when you do a lot of activities that shift between distances!

2. Progressive readers let you see clearly in all directions

More than the invisible segments, progressive readers also do not have annoying distorted peripheral vision. This lets you see HD in every direction, not just straight ahead! Because of this, you can enjoy a wider field of view which helps in doing a wide range of tasks.

Moreover, progressive readers feel more natural and comfortable compared to bifocals. 

Bifocals have lenses that have “sections” where it lets you see near or far  –  something that does not allow for a smooth transition. Progressive readers, on the other hand, lets you see between distances without much hassle. It’s totally useful and convenient once you get used to wearing the readers!

3. Progressive readers help you see clearly and fashionably

It would not be a surprise that most women hide their readers in public because it makes them look older. The readers either have a tacky or outdated design that can easily ruin a good outfit and makeup look. It really can be a hassle finding fashionable readers.

Luckily, Vicci™ Eyewear creates progressive readers that help you see clearly and stylishly at the same time! You won’t have to hide your readers in public anymore and struggle seeing clearly in the name of fashion. Progressive readers remove the hassle from switching between normal prescription glasses and boring readers.


Progressive readers are extremely useful for those who struggle with seeing up-close activities. It can take a while to get used to them, but the wide and HD field of vision that it gives you is definitely worth it! If you are looking forward to a readers upgrade, one that you can wear all-day long, progressive readers are your best choice.

Ready to purchase your new pair of stylish readers? Get Vicci™ Progressive readers and make your eyewear a fashion statement!