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The Virtual Mirror - Try Eyeglasses Online Before You Buy

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Jun 06, 2022

The Virtual Mirror - Try Eyeglasses Online Before You Buy

In an age where technology is making us more connected than ever, how does the world of eyeglasses shopping stay true to its traditional roots? The Virtual Mirror brings traditional ways of shopping for eyeglasses into the 21st century. Now, you can try frames and their lenses virtually, without even stepping outside your home.

Virtual Mirror is a tool to try on eyeglasses online before you buy. This is one of the best tools in the market that allows you to interactively customize and choose your own frames with all of our available lens choices and colors.

What is the virtual mirror?

The virtual mirror is an innovative new way to shop for eyewear. It's a virtual reality experience that allows you to try on glasses in the comfort of your own home, and it works with any smart device—no need to buy a special headset.

With this technology, you can see yourself in your new frames before you buy them. You can also save time by comparing different styles in one sitting, instead of having to go back and forth between stores or websites.

Best of all? You don't have to leave your house!

How do I use the virtual mirror?

The virtual mirror is an easy way to shop for eyeglasses online. First, you select the frame you want to see on your face. Then, you can adjust the position of the frame and change the color of the lenses. You can even upload a picture of yourself and try on different frames in that image! If you want to see what it looks like from another angle or with a different lens color, just click on the buttons on the screen.

Once you've found a frame that works for you, click "Add to Cart." From there, you can complete an order form or get more information about our checkout process.

Why should I use the virtual mirror?

There are lots of reasons to use the virtual mirror!

  1. You can choose your eyewear before you even try it on. This is great if you're buying eyeglasses online and want to see what they look like before ordering, or if you're trying to decide between two different pairs of eyeglasses.
  2. You can get help from an expert about which frame would suit your face best.
  3. You can test out different colors/styles by using the color wheel tool, or even by testing out different frames in different colors!
  4. The virtual mirror allows you to see how things like prescription lenses and tinted lenses will affect your vision—and whether they'll affect it negatively at all!

The virtual mirror also gives you access to thousands of frames that would be difficult or impossible to find at stores near you.

What are some useful virtual mirror features?

There are many useful features in virtual mirrors. Some of them include:

1) The ability to adjust your face shape in the mirror so it matches your real face shape. If you have a round face and want to see how a square frame would look on you, this is possible through virtual mirror technology.

2) The ability to change the color of any part of the eyeglasses without having to buy multiple pairs. This means that if the frame doesn't match your skin tone or hair color, or if there's an undesirable color in the lens, such as yellowing from age, you can change it back to clear glass without buying another pair!

3) The ability to see how different styles will look on your face. For example, if you're trying on aviators and want a more rounded style instead of square frames, simply change the shape of your face in the mirror until it matches what you're looking for!

The virtual mirror makes it easy to shop for eyewear online.

Do you have trouble finding the perfect pair of eyeglasses? It's hard to tell what a pair of eyeglasses will look like on your face if you're shopping online. That's why we created the virtual mirror: a tool that eyeglasses allows you to see how your eyeglasses will look on your face before you buy them.

All you do is upload a photo of yourself and our algorithm will automatically generate a 3D model of your face, which will then be used as the basis for rendering images of different frames applied to that model. We've designed our service so that it can handle even the most complex facial features—like eyeglasses with thick lenses or frames with fancy detailing—and still produce an accurate representation of how they'll look in real life.