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6 Tips: How to Look Gorgeous Without Worrying About Glasses

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Sep 30, 2022

6 Tips: How to Look Gorgeous Without Worrying About Glasses

When you have to wear glasses, you probably feel self-conscious about your appearance. They may make you appear older or less attractive. But the truth is that there are numerous ways to look stunning without worrying about your glasses.

#1. Let your hair down.

You may feel compelled to keep your hair short and out of your face if you wear glasses. However, did you know that wearing your hair long and flowing can help soften the appearance of your glasses and make you appear younger and more feminine?

Before attempting a loose updo or braid, let your hair fall naturally. It may astound you how much it alters your appearance.

It's also an excellent way to keep your hair out of your face and your glasses in place. If you want to try a new look, don't be afraid to let your hair down.

#2. Enhance your look with makeup.

Your inherent beauty should be enhanced, not concealed, by makeup. However, wearing the incorrect cosmetics might highlight your glasses and make them stand out more than they should.

Choose a light, natural-looking eyeshadow and blush instead of a thick foundation. Let your genuine beauty show!

Do you find it difficult to apply eyeshadow and blush while wearing glasses? With these Makeup Readers, you can have the best of both worlds!

These readers allow you to apply makeup clearly while avoiding smudges, smears, and uneven makeup. Simply flip the lens to the opposite eye when applying makeup to one hand, and vice versa.

These readers are a must-have for any makeup fanatic!

#3. Wear flattering frames.

The shape of your glasses can make or break your overall appearance. Rectangular frames can make your face appear longer, while round frames can make it appear shorter.

If you have a round face, choose a frame with angular lines to give the illusion of a more oval-shaped face.

If you have a long face, avoiding excessively long temple pieces can help keep your face from appearing even longer.

Find a frame style that complements your features and makes you feel confident.

#4. Accessorize wisely.

A statement necklace or pair of earrings can add interest to an outfit, but avoid going overboard with too many accessories.

A simple watch or bracelet is all you need to complete the look. Over-accessorizing can be distracting and take away from your overall appearance.

Stick to one or two key pieces and let them shine. Your style will thank you for it.

#5. Dress for your body type.

It's no secret that clothing has a significant impact on how we look and feel. The right outfit can boost our confidence, while the wrong one can leave us feeling self-conscious and uneasy.

Choose clothes that flatter your figure, such as wrap dresses or A-line skirts, if you're curvier.

If you're slimmer, wear more fitted clothes to accentuate your curves.

Wear high heels to elongate your legs if you're taller.

You'll not only look your best if you dress to highlight your best features, but you'll also feel your best.

#6. Stay positive!

Whatever your size or shape, remember that confidence is essential! Maintain a positive attitude and concentrate on all the wonderful aspects of yourself.

When you walk into a room, put on a big smile and own it! Put on some lipstick and wear those glasses, and you'll look fantastic!

The most important thing is to have faith in yourself and to be self-assured. If you do this, you will always be beautiful, regardless of what others say or think.


Glasses can sometimes feel like an extra accessory to worry about, but with the right advice, they don't have to be a hindrance to looking our best.

If you follow these simple guidelines for finding the perfect frames and caring for them, you can wear your glasses with confidence and without sacrificing your style.

Is there a woman who doesn’t like to look good at all times?

Is there a woman who doesn’t like to look good at all times?

Age can’t and shouldn’t stop you from feeling confident every day.

The whole idea behind Vicci™ Eyewear is providing you with beautiful and quality eyewear that you’d be proud to wear at all times.

Vicci™ Eyewear offers a wide selection of eyewear so you can easily choose the perfect pair of glasses that complements your features and easily matches your makeup to complete your look.

A Mama's Boy's Love for His Mother

Vicci™ Eyewear was inspired by a son’s love for his mother and his passion for fashion.

David Abramovici, the Founder of Vicci™ Eyewear, came from a family of artisans dedicated to craftsmanship since the 1920s.

David recalls that when his mother was around 65 years old, she would always ask him to stop by the local pharmacy to pick up some generic readers.

He would spend at least 20 minutes every time he went there, just standing in front of a rack full of tacky, ugly readers. It was difficult for him to choose a "nice" design that he thought would look good on his mother.

His mother enjoyed attending events and spending money on her dresses and accessories. Unfortunately, the readers are often underwhelming, and she was embarrassed to ever be seen wearing them. Like most women, she'd usually hide it in her lovely purse and would always look around before using them to read the menu or bill.

David wondered why there weren’t more choices for high-quality and fashionable custom readers for older women like his mother. Something she’d actually love to wear and be proud to be seen wearing.

And that’s when it hit him!



Want to see how you look in this frame?




Want to see how you look in this frame?




Want to see how you look in this frame?


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