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The Best Beach Sunglasses: How to Choose & Top Picks

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Sep 27, 2022

The Best Beach Sunglasses: How to Choose & Top Picks

The best beach sunglasses are the ones that offer excellent protection for your eyes and look great too. They should also be lightweight, easy to wear and comfortable. Below you'll find our top picks for the best beach sunglasses on the market today!

Polarized Lenses

If you're looking for the best sunglasses for your beach trip, then a pair of polarized lenses is what you need. Polarized lenses are the most effective solution to glare reduction because they filter out 90% of the light in your view. This means that even on a sunny day, it won't be too bright and uncomfortable to wear them.

However, polarizing sunglasses are more expensive than regular ones due to their high-quality construction and durability; however, they can last up to three times longer than regular sunglasses before needing replacement (compared to only two months).


The frames of your sunglasses are the part that sits on your nose, and they're different for everyone. They can be a metal or plastic frame, but most people prefer metal because they're more durable and heavy duty than plastic. Metal eyewear is also more expensive than plastic ones—but if you want something that will last longer and keep its shape when worn through the ocean spray (or if you just don't mind spending more), then this is the way to go.

Plastic frames are lighter weight and flexible while still being able to hold up against water damage—so if this is what fits into your budget range then go for it! However, if cost isn't an issue then consider another option: an all-metal frame that's lightweight yet sturdy enough for any kind of weather condition (including ocean-spray).


It's important to get the right size. The most common mistake people make is ordering a pair of sunglasses that are too big or too small, which will cause them to fit awkwardly.

Lens Color

Lens color is also important when choosing your best beach sunglasses because it affects how well they protect your eyesight and how much light they let through. The most popular colors include brown, green, blue, clear and black (which allows 100% UV protection). A brown lens will help reduce eye strain caused by strong rays while still letting enough light into the eyes so that outdoor activities can be conducted without discomfort or fatigue; however if there are not many trees around where one might be using his/her new glasses then it would probably be better if he/she was wearing something else instead because this type of lens doesn't always provide adequate UV protection against harmful rays."

What Makes a Great Pair of Beach Sunglasses?

A great pair of beach sunglasses is one that will help you enjoy your time in the sun. That's why we've put together this list of features to look for when shopping for a new pair:

  • Lightweight and comfortable frames
  • Durable lenses, frames, and hinges
  • UV protection that blocks out 100% of harmful rays (and ideally 100% UVA/UVB)
  • Polarization to reduce glare from water on sunny days

The key factor when choosing beach sunglasses is making sure they protect your eyes from UVA and UVB rays so that you don't end up with any long term damage caused by exposure to these harmful rays all day long! This is especially important if you have sensitive skin around where these glasses sit because there are many ultrapex materials out there which might irritate them more than usual after prolonged wear time over time periods where heat builds up inside those areas due to prolonged exposure during hot weather conditions (like summertime).


We hope this article has helped you choose your best beach sunglasses. We know it can be difficult to find the right pair, but we also know how important it is when you do. A good pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun and UV rays in addition to looking great on your face. So don’t worry about shopping for them too much!