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Battle of the Genders: What’s the Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Eyeglasses?

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Jan 08, 2022

Battle of the Genders: What’s the Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Eyeglasses?

Glasses are just glasses, right? WRONG. There is a significant distinction between eyeglasses for men’s and women’s glasses. Let’s dive into the differences.  

There are many unisex options available in the market today when it comes to eyeglasses. Still, it is important to note that men’s and women’s glasses are quite different. We’re here to break down the variations. 

1. Size Matters

When it comes to frame size, it is important to know that men’s eyewear frames are larger in comparison to women’s eyewear. Men have different facial features than women. Men have larger bone structures and heads. They usually have a wider forehead and a broader face. Hence, their eyeglass frames are made with a longer bridge to cover their face and forehead. Their glasses at times even have longer temples to accommodate their facial features. Women’s glasses have a shorter bridge to suit their faces which are not as long and broad.  

2. The Shape of you 

The next difference takes shape in the form of gender preferences. Men usually prefer square or rectangle shapes to frame their larger face structure, which compliments their face. On the other hand, women prefer softer frames – round and oval-shaped eyeglasses. This suits their faces better. A new trend in frame shapes is angular-shaped glasses, which are suitable for both genders.  

3. Color Me Stylish

The next and final difference between men's and women’s eyeglasses is color. Men like to opt for dark or neutral colors: brown, dark blue, grey, black, silver. Women are more experimental; they like different patterns and colorful looks. Women can choose light colors to striking bold colors in several styles and designs.   

These three are the main distinguishing factors for men’s and women’s eyeglasses. Nowadays, various eyeglasses in the market cater to both genders. Thus, there are more options available to pick from irrespective of your gender.