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Why Prescription Sunglasses are the Smart Choice

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Jan 03, 2022

Why Prescription Sunglasses are the Smart Choice

A pair of shades are always a stylish addition to your look, not to mention it protects you from UV rays. But what happens if you wear eyeglasses? Are contacts and clip-on shades your only choices when it comes to wearing sunglasses?

Enter prescription sunglasses. You don’t have to bother with contacts or clip-ons when you switch from your eyeglasses to sunglasses anymore while stepping outside, you can put on a pair of prescription sunglasses instead. This is a big hit among people who wear glasses, and if you’re thinking of giving it a try, you should; we’ll tell you why:

A ‘Shady’ Solution

Well, for one, they will be customized to your needs and provide the same benefits your eyeglasses do. Prescription sunglasses also allow you to get quality lenses with high levels of UV protection. You can also get scratch-resistant lenses.

And how about some polarized lenses? Many prescription sunglasses are available with polarized lenses. These are great for cutting out glare, giving you a comfortable view, and blessing while driving. Another benefit of prescription sunglasses is that you can fit the lenses to any frame of your choice. Hence, you are not limited to choosing from the general sunglasses frames available. This gives you the advantage of experimenting with different frames to make your own style statement.

If you have bifocal or progressive lenses, you needn’t worry. Prescription sunglasses are available for these types of lenses. If you’re heading out to an alfresco brunch on a bright sunny day, you can keep the same glasses on that you used to drive to the brunch with. This makes these shades a convenient and practical option. 

What about transition lenses? What makes prescription sunglasses different from them? You could just add transitioning to your current glasses, right? But, the problem with that is transition glasses are great while being outdoors, but they only transition when they come in direct contact with UV rays, so they won’t work while you’re driving unless you’re driving a convertible, hence your eyes remain unprotected and are blinded by the harsh sunlight. You can just put them on wherever and whenever you please for total eye protection with prescription sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses are also handy if you have trouble seeing things in the distance.

The benefits of prescription sunglasses are aplenty; there’s no doubt that it’s an intelligent choice to opt for. So, don’t hesitate before purchasing a pair for yourself or a loved one. There are prescription sunglasses for women and men available at eyeglass online stores, see for yourself.