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How to Wear Makeup with Your Frames

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Dec 16, 2021

How to Wear Makeup with Your Frames

Wearing glasses can often lead you to feel hidden behind the frames. But it doesn’t have to feel that way; you don’t need to shy away from dressing up your face and your eyes. If anything, glasses can help up your makeup game. Here’s how:


Take a Brow

In addition to framing your face, glasses draw attention to your brows, so shaping and defining your eyebrows is a must. Applying some brow gel and brushing your brows upward and outward will do the trick. Using a brow powder or pencil to fill in where required is a bonus to making your brows look fierce.  

Mascara Masquerade 

You want your eyes to pop behind your frames; hence, opening them up with a mascara that is big on thickening your natural lashes is a go-to. Don’t go for extreme elongating mascaras or falsies as they can keep hitting your glasses; focus on volume. Curling the lashes before the application will do wonders to beautify your eyes. We also recommend going with a smudge-proof mascara, so it doesn't rub off on your lenses. 

Bonus tip: The right place to focus on while applying the mascara is the root of your lashes – not the tips.

Concealing is Key

Glasses tend to magnify dark circles by adding a shadow onto them. Gently tap on a brightening concealer and dust with a setting powder on the nose pads to finish off the process. Setting powder is a must, especially on areas where the glasses touch the skin to prevent the foundation from rubbing off. Go easy on the foundation and blot away any excess foundation paying particular attention to your cheeks and the bridge of your nose where your glasses sit. 

Liner Love

Favor eyeliner over eyeshadow. Play around with different designs (from cat eyeliners to box liners) and colors to make your eyes stand out behind the frames. The reason we're telling you to ditch the eyeshadow for eyeliner is that too much eyeshadow will look heavy. Go minimalistic, especially in the brow bone area. But if you must opt for eyeshadow, pick light shades.

Pro Tip: Since you can’t wear your glasses while you’re applying makeup on your face and your eyes, use a magnifying mirror or a small hand mirror to apply your makeup. 

The Perfect Pout

Don’t leave your lips behind. Take your pick from ruby reds, naughty nudes, or pretty pinks in matte or glossy textures, and pucker up for the perfect selfie!

Remember, these makeup tips change depending on your eyeglasses. Choose a makeup look that suits your frames and your face. So, have fun and experiment with your makeup, and see what works best for you.