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The 5 Benefits of Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Dec 09, 2021

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

With screen time on the rise, the need to protect your eyes should be on top of your priority list. If you’re confused about ditching your old frames for Blue Light Blocking Glasses, we think our list can help nudge you in the right direction

So, what is the lowdown on blue light? Well, blue light is all around us. It can be found in the sun’s rays, fluorescent lights, and the screens of all modern-day devices. Before we stepped into the technological landscape, our exposure to blue light came from going outside and getting some sun, which was limited. But now, we are in constant exposure to it, even while we are indoors.

Just like our modern diet of processed food has us eating enough to make it detrimental to our health. In the same way, our modern digital world with over-exposure to blue light has us impairing our health yet again. Here’s how blue light glasses help curb this harmful overexposure: 

1. Getting Enough Zzzs

Blue light regulates our circadian rhythm (the sleep/wake cycle). In the morning, the blue light from the sun helps us feel more energized and awake. While this is good during the day, as evening sets in and night falls, exposure to blue light throws off our sleep cycle. We are all guilty of scrolling through social media, binging on a Netflix series, or working late into the night, thus, disrupting our natural sleep patterns by unnaturally exposing ourselves to blue light. These practices delay the release of melatonin (the hormone responsible for making us feel sleepy). This hormone naturally starts circulating within our system a few hours before bedtime. An interruption in this process disrupts our sleep pattern and our quality of sleep.

Wearing blue light blocking glasses can help end this problem and give you a good night’s sleep, which is essential for optimal health.

Bonus tip: Try putting away your devices an hour or two before bed; read instead (and we don’t mean on a Kindle!).

2. Eyes Scream!

Eye strain is real. Our eyes scream for help when strained: burning watery eyes, pain around the eyes, dry eyes, sensitivity to light, and blurred vision – sound familiar? These are some of the symptoms of eye strain that are brought on by excessive exposure to screen-time. Think about it, along with working on your laptop on workdays, even while relaxing; we look at screens while playing video games, reading on a tablet, or watching TV. Our eyes were not built for the modern digital world, yet we are constantly exposing them to the dangers of blue light all the time.

The only way to shield our eyes from this is to protect them with blue light blocking glasses. These glasses use blue light filtering technology to keep eye strain at bay, allowing you to increase productivity without making your eyes feel tired – your go-to glasses for long-term eye health.

Bonus tip: You can also reduce eye strain by taking regular breaks from the screen. Get up and walk around, stretch a little and look out the window. Try to look at greenery and nature, which are soothing to the eyes.

3. Minimizing Migraines

Overexposure to blue light for prolonged periods can bring on bad headaches and migraines, which will have you reaching for the pain pills. Using blue light blocking glasses will help reduce migraine attacks and headaches, so you can work or enjoy your favorite show pain-free.

4. Seeing Things Clearly — Literally!

Long periods of exposure to artificial blue light penetrate your eyes and reach your retina. As you grow older, this can lead to age-related macular degeneration or AMD (the inability to see fine details when looking at things that are close by or far away). Wearing blue light blocking glasses can protect your eyes in the long run from this ailment.

5. Managing Your Mind 

Continued exposure to blue light causes the levels of cortisol and adrenaline to rise within our bodies. These hormones are required for the normal functioning of our bodies, but if they are overproduced within our system, they can lead to health issues. Overexposure to blue light causes these stress hormones to become abnormally elevated, resulting in anxiety and depression.

Wearing blue light blocking glasses can help eliminate the damaging effect on your mental health.

Convinced yet? Go ahead, make the switch to Blue Light Blocking Glasses; your body will thank you for it. You can get blue light glasses for men and blue light glasses for women, so take your pick when you go shopping on eyeglass online stores.