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Tips To Reduce Eye Strain When Working From Home

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May 27, 2022

Working from home

You're probably used to experiencing a bit of eye fatigue after a long day in the office, but when you work from home, that fatigue can be even worse. Here are some tips to reduce eye strain and help you stay productive.

#1: Reduce Glare On Your Computer Screen

First, make sure that any windows in the room are closed and covered with curtains or blinds so that no sunlight gets into the room.

Next, make sure there aren't any bright lights shining directly onto your computer screen or nearby objects that may reflect light onto your screen.

You can also use a piece of cardboard as a makeshift shade over your monitor if needed during daylight hours when natural light is streaming into the room through windows or doorways.

Keep the monitor clean. Dust and dirt can scatter light and make it harder to read your screen. Clean the monitor with a dusting cloth or an anti-static cloth every few weeks.

Use a glare filter if necessary. You can purchase an anti-glare filter for your monitor that will help reduce glare by diverting light away from the screen; these filters come in different sizes and shapes so choose one that fits best with your monitor size and shape!

#2: Manage Angles on your monitor

The first step to managing angles is to define your monitor. Your monitor is the rectangle that you see when you look at your screen. It's composed of two sides: the vertical and the horizontal. The vertical side is called the up/down angle, and it's how far away from your face you place your monitor. The horizontal side is called the left/right angle, and it's how far apart your eyes are from each other when looking at your monitor.

Once you have defined your monitor, you can set up a few different kinds of monitors:

1) A standard monitor has an up/down angle of 20 degrees, a left/right angle of 40 degrees, and a distance from the face of 40 cm (16 inches). This is what most people use.

2) An angled monitor has an up/down angle of 20 degrees, a left/right angle of 50 degrees, and a distance from the face of 30 cm (12 inches). This is best for people who want to work alone.

#3: Use the 20-20-20 rule

The 20-20-20 rule is a simple but effective way to be sure you're getting enough rest. If you're working from home, it can be easy to push yourself too hard and feel like you never get a break. The 20-20-20 rule is a simple but effective way to be sure you're getting enough rest.

When you're working on your computer, take a break every 20 minutes by looking away from the screen, focusing on something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. This can help reduce eye strain and fatigue and make sure that your body gets a chance to relax every so often.

#4: Take Breaks for eye exercises

Eye exercises are just like any other type of exercise—they help strengthen your eyes so they can better handle the strain of working on computers all day long. And they're quick! You can do some eye exercises while you're waiting on a video to load or while eating lunch at your desk. It only takes 5 minutes or so to feel like new again.

#5: Blue Light Filtering Glasses

It's no secret that the blue light emitted by your computer monitor is harmful to your eyes. It's what makes your eyes feel tired and strained after working on your computer for too long.

These glasses are designed to filter out the high-energy blue light that causes this negative effect, so you can work longer and more comfortably.

The glasses come in a sleek black frame with stylish accents on the temples and bridge. They're lightweight, durable, and have scratch-resistant lenses.

Taking these precautions can help you avoid eye strain and headaches when working from home.


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